The most important stock indices in the world?

The financial markets are traded and invested in a range of financial products. One of the most popular of these products is stock indices.

In general, stock indices measure the performance and success of the exchanges they represent and include the shares of companies with the largest and most active market value on that exchange.

Stock market indicators measure the stock market’s performance and are often considered a result of a country’s economic performance.

The most important stock indices on global stock exchanges:

  • European stock index – STOXX 50
  • American Indices – Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, Dow Jones 30
  • German Index – DAX 30
  • London Index – Wiece 100
  • French index – CAC 40
  • Norwegian Stock Market Index – OBX 25
  • Spanish Index – IBEX 35
  • Swiss Stock Market Index – SMI 20
  • Dutch Stock Exchange Index – AEX25
  • Japanese index – Nikkei 225
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange Index – HSI
  • China Stock Market Index – China 50

Investors often prefer trading indices because it helps them invest in a diversified portfolio and saves them time. They do not have to choose and follow the development of every stock or company performance within this or that index.

Stock Indices – STOXX 50

It is the representative index of the European Union stock exchange.

It includes shares of the 50 most substantial companies in the Eurozone regarding capitalization and market capitalization.

German Dax

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange, one of the largest exchanges in stock indices, is very popular. It includes 30 major German companies by market value, and their shares are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Stock Indices – CAC 40

It is the compositional index of the French Stock Exchange in Paris, the essential French index, and one of the most famous in the world.

It houses the 40 most essential stocks found on the Paris Stock Exchange.

FTSE 100

The reference index for the English Stock Exchange in London.

It is a global index and enjoys great interest among investors and traders. It includes the 100 most significant shares traded on the London Stock Exchange by market value.

Stock Indices – IBEX 35

IBEX35 Spanish Stock Exchange Index in Madrid. Not the most popular as the predecessors.

It includes 35 companies that represent the Spanish economy and are traded on the Madrid Stock Exchange.


It is the compositional index of the Swiss stock market—a lesser-known indicator.

According to the same model, it is part of the European family of indices and includes more than 20 shares traded on the Swiss Stock Exchange according to market capitalization.


The benchmark index for the Amsterdam Dutch Stock Exchange. Also, it is the indicator that is less popular, but that does not mean that it cannot provide profitable investment opportunities.

It covers the top 25 stocks of the largest Dutch companies.

American exchanges are among the most important globally and include prominent names such as the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. These have several representative indicators, including:

Dow Jones

It is the standard of the New York Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange. It is a trendy index in the financial markets and one of the most popular, if not the most, well-known stock indices.

It is also one of the oldest stock market indices in the world and includes 30 of the most important stocks according to stock market capitalization.


Another popular US index that tops the preferences of investors and traders is Wall Street – Nasdaq. The Nasdaq Composite mainly includes high-tech companies.

Nikkei 225

It is the benchmark index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange of Japan.

It includes 225 of the most substantial Japanese companies by market capitalization.

HSI 50

A composite index of the Hong Kong Financial Center. It is one of the most critical Asian stock indexes and includes the 50 largest companies and their shares traded on this exchange.

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