Walmart is looking for expert to develop cryptocurrency services


Walmart future products expert will work on cryptocurrency and digital products at the company’s headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

North American retail giant Walmart is looking for an expert with crypto expertise to develop and lead a project based on cryptocurrency and digital products.

In the company’s job description, “Walmart is looking for someone who has experience running and scaling a business – with at least ten years of experience managing products, programs, and marketing technology-based products.”

“The ideal candidate should have experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, as well as in-depth knowledge of the crypto graphics ecosystem and the major players.”

Walmart has suggested that its focus on future strategies that include cryptocurrency, noting that it already allows a wide range of payment options for its customers – even if they haven’t yet implemented the option to use cryptocurrencies.

In 2019, Walmart filed a patent for a US dollar-based digital currency — created on a blockchain — which, at the time, was identical to Facebook’s initial proposals for their plans to develop Libra.

This year, Walmart created a fintech company called Hazel, which plans to offer a wide range of financial services – integrated for the first time on mobile in an excellent application.

The main tasks of the new expert at Walmart

  • Create and manage a global strategy for crypto product development.
  • Identifying customer needs and translating these needs into new products.
  • Partnerships with significant crypto players who develop products or technology.
  • Create a roadmap for crypto products and manage project implementation.
  • Identify investment opportunities and partnerships in the crypto world.

Among the American giants, Walmart is not the only one looking to integrate digital cryptocurrencies into e-commerce and the company’s future business strategy.

In February, Amazon published a job listing in Mexico searching for an expert manager to oversee a new service that includes cryptocurrencies — allowing users to use crypto while shopping.

Since then, the number of open jobs for experts in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies has continued to increase.

In addition to focusing on digital cryptocurrencies themselves, Walmart’s Blockchain projects have focused on using technology for applications that include supply chain management, markets, hardware applications, or intelligent applications.

The position will be responsible for “Developing Digital Currency Strategy and Product Roadmap” and defining “Investments and Partnerships”.

The hiring effort by Walmart comes several weeks after a similar job was posted by rival Amazon, indicating that larger US retailers will soon allow customers to use cryptocurrency to pay for purchases.

PayPal Holdings Inc. began allowing select customers of its Venmo app to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency earlier this year and expanded efforts last week.

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