How to invest in gold wisely today?

When it comes to investing in precious metals, most of us think of gold, a safe haven in times of financial instability. Also, invest in gold is preferred by millions of people worldwide because it is very liquid and can be liquidated and recognized by any country in the world.

Even if many people consider gold to be a safe investment and the metal price is a permanent uptrend, this is not always the case. The price of gold fell continuously from its highest levels during the 2008 global financial crisis until 2016. Since many investors consider it a haven asset in times of turmoil or crisis, if we look at the gold chart, we can see that it has been estimated at more than 200% in the period. 2007 – 2011 and reached a maximum of $ 1900. But since then, the price has entered a downward slope and reached a low of $ 1,050 in December 2015.

Investing in gold bars

Unfortunately, invest in gold does not pay as much as investing in stocks of some companies. However, many people prefer to invest in gold, especially investing in physical gold, by purchasing gold bars or coins that they keep in bank vaults or hiding them in different places at home.

If keeping gold at home is a bad idea for safety reasons, holding it in bank vaults forces you to pay taxes that reduce your return on investment. If you buy bullion or gold coins and decide to keep them anywhere other than the bank that issued them, the bank is not obligated to take them back.

Another best option for invest in gold is through ETF instruments or exchange-traded funds, which can also be purchased through a trusted broker such as Axia Investments. ETF instruments are similar to index certificates listed on Gulf and Arab stock exchanges in the sense that these instruments also track gold prices in international markets.

Invest in gold through stocks

Few people know that investing in gold can also be made through the stock market and buying financial instruments that contain gold as the underlying asset, such as CFDs. These financial instruments are products issued by banks traded on stock exchanges like any other stock and have the specificity that they fully simulate the variation in gold price quotation in international markets.

Axia Investments broker instruments also offer the advantage of 1: 400 leverage, meaning that any change in the price of gold is inflated 400 times, providing the potential for higher gains. Of course, the losses can be equally large.

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